Appreciating biodiversity

modernising economic accounting in Germany


Calculating with nature means securing the future

The three-year research project investigates how national and corporate economic reporting can be expanded to incorporate aspects of natural capital and ecosystem services. Here our focus is on the following questions: Which indicator values can be included as standard in corporate accounting and national accounting systems? Do synergies exist between the two levels? How will stakeholders accept such ecologically-modernised reporting? And what will be the likely impact?

The research concept consists of seven work packages and follows a transdisciplinary approach involving researchers from social and political science, landscape ecology and environmental economics. A further partner is the Value Balancing Alliance (VBA), which is an initiative of internationally active companies with the aim of measuring, evaluating and monetising the social, ecological and economic impacts and contributions of corporate activities.

Diagram of the work packages (WPs) in Bio-Mo-D

Project materials