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13 June 2024
The Bio-Mo-D project
Why biodiversity is indispensable for our prosperity. Karsten Grunewald explains the project's objectives, results and recommendations for action. (video, in German)

6 June 2024
Why ecosystem accounting is important but complicated

Article by Karsten Grunewald in from the Bio-Mo-D-Team in Tagesspiegel Background (in German)

20 February 2024
How companies can utilise natural capital 

Environmental economist and Bio-Mo-D researcher Bernd Hansjürgens in an interview with GREEN.WORKS (German)

31 January 2024
VBA CEO Christian Heller in a dialogue with GIST Impact founder Pavan Sukhdev
Video recordingof the conference "Sustainable Finance & Biodiversity" 2024 of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (start of the conversation approx. min. 08:39, end approx. min. 54:45)

30 to 31 January 2024
Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services into decision-making
Kick-off event for the establishment of a 'Community of Practice'  (German)

29-30 November 2023
Ecosystem accounting on the way to the environmental policy agenda
Report on the 3rd National Conference on the Further Development of Economic Reporting (German, PDF)



15 November 2023
Bio-Mo-D at Environmental Monitoring Conference

The head of the Bio-Mo-D project, Dr Karsten Grunewald, will speak at the 9th Environmental Monitoring Conference on "Increasing the appreciation of nature and the environment via data on ecosystems and their services" (PDF).

July 2023
Species protection and modern agriculture

Bio-Mo-D visited a BASF FarmNetwork farm in Brandenburg, Germany

15 June 2023
Workshop Report in Berlin
Under the title Exploring synergies between corporate & national reporting of biodiversity and ecosystem services, Bio-Mo-D has invited representatives from business, EU, NGO and national organizations to an internal workshop in Berlin.

7 to 19 December 2022
Together for more transparency
At COP15 in Montreal, Bio-Mo-D brought together leading global standard setters for biodiversity reporting