Appreciating biodiversity

modernising economic accounting in Germany

No accounting without nature

Intact ecosystems – such as clean, species-rich rivers or near-natural forests – are the subject of environmental reporting in Germany. Surprisingly, however, they scarcely play any role in national accounting or private sector accounting.

This means that the manifold contributions of ecosystems to societal well-being and prosperity are underestimated while at the same time biodiversity is systematically neglected as the basis for nature’s sustainable services to society.  

In the Bio-Mo-D project, we are exploring how corporate and national economic reporting can be expanded to include ecosystem services and biodiversity indicators. The aim is to provide business, political and social leaders with information to make ecologically sustainable decisions – and thus to ensure that sufficient value is placed on nature and biodiversity.

The project is funded within the framework of the Research Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation (FEdA) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


VBA CEO Christian Heller in a dialogue with GIST Impact founder Pavan Sukhdev
Video recordingof the conference "Sustainable Finance & Biodiversity" 2024 of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (start of the conversation approx. min. 08:39, end approx. min. 54:45)

Ecosystem accounting on the way to the environmental policy agenda
Report on the 3rd National Conference on the Further Development of Economic Reporting (German, PDF)